Ultra-speed and Always Connect

Designed for Macbook & Optimized for Asian User
The one and only VPN supports buttery smooth streaming of 4K Ultra HD videos

10 Times Faster than Common VPN

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Ultra-speed? Why?

Traditional VPN is like a slender pipeline, transmitting data through a single limited channel. ShadowPath's exclusive technology breaks data into many small blocks and transmits those blocks synchronously. This significantly increases the transmission performance and reduces latency.

Reliable, Secure, 100% Anti-disturbing

ShadowPath uses the advanced AES data encryption to protect your online privacy

ShadowPath disguises your traffic to avoid being indentified and intercepted by the firewall, and ensures the network stability


1st-class Servers Located Around the World

Our servers cover the most popular regions, securely unlock the contents of various countries, and help you freely access the video and music services such as Youtube, Netflix and Spotify.

Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean.. We select and cooperate only with the top server providers to ensure the quality of our service.


Incredible Auto-Recovery

Why do some VPNs fail from time to time?

The most common situation is that one node's IP address is discovered by the firewall and therefore blocked. Correspondingly, accessing overseas services through the node becomes invalid ever after.

Always Stay Connected

ShadowPath has developed a unique recovery mechanism that can quickly update the program's configuration through automatic or semi-automatic methods, and instantly restore the service availability.

We offer flexible plans and free trial

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3-Day Free Trial
Unlimited Co-current Deivce
72 Hours Money Back Guaranteed


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$0.13 Per Day

3-Day Free Trial
Unlimited Co-current Deivce
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us at if you've got more questions.

  • What's the difference between ShadowPath, OpenSS, ShadowSock and V2Ray?

    Traditional VPN technologies, OpenVPN and PPTP, emerged many years ago and were widely used, however have become easily identifiable by the firewall and are no longer quite usable, especially for Asian users.

    New VPN technologies, such as Shadowsock and V2Ray, are relatively mature and also open source. Most VPN services on the market use these open source technologies and built application clients based on them. Recently, Shadowsock has become identifable by the firewall, while V2Ray after proper configuration is still able to bypass the firewall.

    ShadowPath's core technology is orginal and in-house developed. It is independent of the changes of open source resources and will not be easily identified by the firewalls, therefore has excellent stability. ShadowPath's unique data transmission mode also enables the speed to be 5-10 times faster than the above technologies.

  • Will using ShadowPath affect the speed of visiting local websites?

    ShadowPath has a smart traffic allocation mechanism, which can identify the type of website you are visiting and only access through ShadowPath when needed. The speed of visiting local websites will not be affected.

  • What's the use of different nodes (servers)?

    Some online markets and platforms set geo-restriction for their content, or display different content according to the user's geographic location. When you need to access content available only in a specific region or country, you can switch to the local node and then access.

    On the other hand, the access speed between nodes will also be different depends on your location. You can choose and switch to the fastest node according to the latency time of each node that displayed on ShadowPath.

  • Can I use on mobile phone or PC?

    We have not developed a mobile version yet. If you need to use on mobile, you can contact our support for how to set up ShadowPath on your mobile device.
    PC is not supported currently.

  • Can I have unlimitated data?

    We rent only high-quality and first-class servers. Meanwhile playing HD videos might consume considerable data usage, which cannot all be free. We try our best to find the balance between service quality and price. On the other hand, your understanding and financial support can also help us to have a healthy and lasting business mode.

  • When do I need to "update configuration"?

    Usually when the current configuration fails, the client will automatically update to the latest configuration. In some cases, you may need to configure manually, which requires a few simple steps. For details, please refer to the instructions on ShadowPath's client.

  • Why do I need to enter my Macbook's password when connecting?

    When the "Ultrahigh-speed mode" is enabled, due to the security mechanism of MacBook, you need to enter your MacBook’s password to authorize the connection. If you don’t want to enter password, or don't need to play HD video, you can temporarily turn off the "Ultrahigh-speed mode" and use the regular mode so that you won't need to enter the password when connecting.

  • Does ShadowPath track my online behaviors?

    All your online behaviors and other sensitive information are encrypted by SSL. We don't and will never record or track any of our users' behaviors. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Police.